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Advertise to 186541 members through your Advertiser Panel!

What is the BUX MATRIX ADVERTISER membership

Buxmatrix is a "BUX" site powered by a 3x12 Forced Matrix.

The BuxMatrix Advertiser membership is a special membership specifically developed for advertisers.

It includes a lot of interesting features and, of course, a Position in our Matrix. For a one time fee of $15 You will get the following:

Your Exclusive Advertising Panel!
1200 Advertising Points
Convert AD points to Banners or Visits
Get Matrix Position in our $1,000,000 matrix!


- With your ADVERTISING PANEL, you can edit, pause-enable and track
  your Advertisings as per your convenience.

- You can convert your Advertising Points to Bux Visits (up to 1200) or
   up to 60000 Banner impressions (multiple banners allowed).

- Send one SOLO AD to 186541 members.

- Your LIFETIME Forced Matrix position.

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